If you’ve lived in Eudora or around Kansas City for a couple of years, you know how bone-chilling cold the winters can be. There have been times in the last few years when folks haven’t come out of the house for a few days. We can get our fair share of snow and temperatures hovering around the freezing point and way below! When we have weather like this, it is crucial that you have a reliable heating system to keep you warm.

Heating Repair, no matter what the tememperature.

Is being hot in the summer or cold in the winter worse? It depends on what season you feel most comfortable in. When your furnace goes out when the snow is swirling and schools have a snow day due to the frigid cold temperatures is just plain uncomfortable. Call our furnace experts to evaluate and repair your furnace to keep you toasty and warm. We repair all makes and models; no task is too big for us. We’ve been in the furnace repair business since 1977. We hire and train the most responsible and personable techs in the area.

We offer Reliable Furnace Maintenance.

Make sure you have working and efficient equipment for your home. Call for service each fall before winter is in full swing. When necessary, get repairs by our certified technicians when something isn’t working quite right or not working at all. And when you have to replace your heating equipment, have your new furnace installed by the professionals at Westerhouse.

Replace your Furnace with Westerhouse and American Standard.

New Heating equipment installation in Parkville, MO by Westerhouse Heating and Air, Eudora, KS.We believe in the American Standard brand for an efficient, reliable furnace for your home.  As a community member, it is a large part of our reputation that we provide our customers with heating systems that stand the test of time. Westerhouse Heating and Cooling has been in business since 1977 because, like American Standard, our customers know that they can rely on our technicians to do the best job. We give outstanding customer service while providing great value for the money.

Your Heating system should work when the temperature dips.

If your air conditioner goes out, chances are you can get to a cool place until your equipment can be replaced or repaired. When your furnace goes out, there may be too much snow on the ground to go anywhere. The roads may be covered with ice. Travel to a warmer situation may not be possible. We’re not trying to scare you; we feel it’s important to present a bit of reality to consider. A reliable furnace is crucial to your comfort and safety during harsh winter weather.

Contact or call us today to maintain, repair, or provide you with a quote to replace your heating equipment.