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As a small business, we rely on the kind words of our customers to help other potential customers find us and have the confidence in us to pick up the phone when they need HVAC maintenance, service or replacement. We have served our community faithfully and ethically since 1977. A customer referral or a review is a valuable way you can help us to continue to provide the "exceeded expectations' reputation that we have.

Note- We have recently added this page. Of course, we have more comments from our customers! Give us a few weeks and this page will be full of the great comments from our customers! Thank you!


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Client Reviews

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When my 18-year-old heat pump system finally bit the dust, I called Westerhouse for an estimate on a new system. They gave me a choice of 3 - good, better, and best. I'd been disappointed in my old, "cheap" system (too noisy) for all those 18 years, so I decided this time to go with the best. Boy, and I pleased! I'm very impressed with how quiet the system is (both inside and outside the house), and I'm equally pleased with the service we got from Westerhouse. I would recommend them to anyone!

Ken D.

They were friendly and knowledgeable, provided the best product for our money. Thanks!

Majorie H Eudora, KS

Excellent communication. Competitive prices and friendly/knowledgeable employees.

Justin J Linwood, KS

Thank You! Our blower died about 4 am June 11, by 7 am-ish I had a returned call. By 9:30 the gent was here diagnosing a bad blower and by 3:30 pm he was back to install a new and get us enjoying delicious cold air again!

Bryan C. Eudora, KS

Awesome service. Responded quickly and got the job done. Had me up and running before even one of the other companies returned calls. Still waiting for those callbacks in air-conditioned comfort. Yay Westerhouse!

Brenda, R. Eudora, KS

We did not have any heat so I set up a time with another company and they never showed or even called me back. I called Westerhouse in a panic and they showed up in 30 minutes and the Tech was fantastic! Thank you for your great customer service!!

Sue Lawrence, KS (Yelp)

Something went wrong with my furnace this morning and we didn't have heat. My management company called Westerhouse (New Year's Day) and the tech was here in 20 minutes! He fixed it quickly and I still got to enjoy my day off... with heat! Thanks for the great Technician and super fast response time!

Lindsay Baldwin City, KS (Yelp)

Mike and his crew are the best! I've used them in the past years when I needed Freon in my AC. This spring I pulled the trigger to upgrade to a new AC/Furnace unit. They were out by the end of the week and I'm very satisfied with my new unit. I love the Nexia and the ability to change my settings from my phone app. With the higher than average temps this summer, my house is cooler, and my bill is lower. In a couple of years this unit should pay for itself with utility savings. Stay local and shop Eudora!

Madalyn S.

The technician was 20 minutes early and had the repair done in about 20 minutes! He was able to diagnose and fix the issue with ease. Thank you!!!!!!!A

Joel W.

Have had AC problems since last summer. I rent and you are the company that has always came out. I wish I would have gotten all the names. But I want to thank all the guys who have stopped by over the last 2 weeks to add freon. And a big thank you to the men who spent 7.5 hours installing our new AC&furnace was not an easy one to do. They were super nice, cleaned up there mess in the hallway and didn't seem to annoyed by my numerous questions. Lol I would def recommend you guy to anyone!

Tara B.

Woke up to a cold house ...furnace not working! service ...highly recommend them #5 star service

Shara B.

Thank you for coming out so quick to replace our AC. Wonderful company and staff!

Jody K.

We woke up to a broken furnace and it was early morning. They got someone out right away and had the furnace running quickly, we then had another issue (separate from the first) they came again and had it running soon after going and getting a part! They are knowledgeable, kind and courteous! Definitely recommend Westerhouse! Love using local services! Thank you guys!

Anna B.

I wanted to share...Mike Westerhouse at Westerhouse Heating and Cooling was a guest principal last week at Eudora High School. Mike and his business have always been a great supporters of our Eudora Schools. I encourage everyone to thank him for taking time out of his day to learn more and invest in our schools. Thank you Mike!

Shanda H.