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Being comfortable in your home with efficient and reliable heating and cooling system is important.  Dry skin, cracked lips, breathing problems, or a consistent bloody nose may be a sign that your home is in need of more humidity. Installing a whole-home HVAC humidifier to your furnace is the solution to these issues.

A humidifier works to put the right amount of moisture into the air during colder months when the air is lacking sufficient moisture. When the weather gets cooler you may notice your hands getting chapped and your lips need more balm than they did just a few weeks ago. Those issues are indications that there is a lack of moisture in the air.

Home Humidifier Installation

When you need a humidification system, trust Westerhouse Heating and Cooling in Eudora to install the best- Aprilaire Humidifiers

In addition to your personal comfort, a home humidifier can also ensure your collectibles and wood furniture and floors are in an environment where they won’t dry out. Do you notice the wood floors seem to be shrinking? This is a sign your home needs moisture. Antiques and collectible books will also benefit from a proper amount of humidity. When children are sick with colds, caregivers will use a portable humidifier to ease the symptoms of sickness. A whole-home humidifier installed on your furnace works in much the same way. In some instances, a good humidification system can help with snoring!

Install an Aprilaire Humidifier

We want the best humidification system we can find for our customers. The Aprilaire is one of the best humidifiers on the market today by delivering 50% more humidity than other humidifiers.

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