HVAC Products

At Westerhouse, we believe we in great HVAC products and exceptionally skilled technicians and customer service. With that in mind, we choose products that we know will stand up to our reputation in the heating and cooling industry. Our customers are the only thing that matters to us and we wouldn’t be here if we didn’t provide you with the best value for the products you need.

HVAC Products we Install

American Standard ranks high in customer satisfaction and value. We repair and service all makes and model but we only install American Standard.


Aprilaire is our go-to brand when it comes to installing a humidifier that can get the job done.


Bosch is an excellent brand of Geothermal HVAC for your home or office.

Wall Mounted HVAC

Mitsubishi is the brand we install for those rooms or spaces that are hard to heat or cool or for an economical way to install room-by-room heating and cooling.

Indoor Air Quality

To discuss the installation of these products, contact or call us today.