Residental and Commercial Heating and Cooling

As a homeowner, you take pride in your house. It is one of the biggest investments you will make in your life. One of the other large investments is your Air Conditioner and Furnace. We take pride in our installation of new cooling systems for our community. We want you to be as comfortable in the summer as you can be. If you own an older home with an older AC unit, you’d be surprised to find how efficient the new equipment has gotten over the years. Newer, more efficient cooling equipment can save you money every single month in energy bills. Couple the equipment with a high tech thermostat and you’ll be saving money even when you sleep.

We install American Standard as our Go-to brand of AC

When something works well and is a good value for the money, you stick with it. We trust the American Standard brand of HVAC for all of our residential customers. American Standard is always rated as one of the top brands of reliable of AC. We stake our reputation on it. If you are building a new home or your current air conditioner needs to be replaced, trust us to choose the right size for your home and the right type for your budget.

Call us for a quote. A bigger AC unit is not always the best Air Conditioning unit. We use a computerized model to determine the properly sized unit for your home. Westerhouse has been in business since 1977 because we put the needs of our customers first. Call or contact us today.west