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Call the Commercial HVAC Installation, Service, and Repair professionals at Westerhouse for all your commercial/ business heating and cooling needs.

You’ll find our team is ready and able to meet your HVAC installation needs. Being able to do business is one of the things that makes your business successful. Having heating or cooling issues can have an impact on your bottom line. The last thing you want to consider is your HVAC system and ensuring it is working as it should. You want the reliability of a cool environment in the summer and a warm one in the winter.

Expert Commercial HVAC Installation, Service and Repair

We offer the expertise you need to install new commercial HVAC equipment in your place of business. We have years of experience helping business owners, such as yourself, choose the right equipment for their needs and install it in a timely fashion.

Our technicians are like family to us and will feel like well-chosen team members while working with you. They are highly trained, responsible members of our team that we trust with our reputation each and every day.

Keep up with timely repairs and avoid unexpected replacements.

Should your system ever need repair, trust that Westerhouse will address the needs of your business quickly. We understand that commercial clients and businesses have different needs and expectations than our residential customers. We have the experience to meet and exceed your expectations, getting your place of business back in working order, heating or cooling the building so you can keep your doors open.

Get Regular Service/Maintenance for efficiency and extend the life of your equipment.

Just like all the major purchases you make as a business owner, we advise servicing your HVAC equipment on a regular basis. Proper maintenance will ensure your system runs as efficiently and effectively as it can, saving you money and potential problems in the future. Regular maintenance will keep the doors to your business open and your team members and customers comfortable. Avoid the potential system breakdown by scheduling regular service on your Commercial HVAC equipment.

Our highly skilled techs will take care of your equipment, inform you of potential problems in the near future, and offer you repair options. Contact us today!

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