When considering the level of comfort in a home, the functionality of the HVAC system is vital. Maintaining consistent and optimal temperatures is a given, but what about the relative humidity levels? Ideal levels range from 30-50% humidity, and anything drier (below 30%) can cause discomfort. In the winter months, homes tend to be drier due to constant heat pumping through the HVAC system. Adding a whole house humidifier to your home HVAC system could significantly increase comfort levels in your home.

Why add a Humidifier?

Adding a humidifier directly to your HVAC system can improve your home comfort, reduce damage to your home and even save you money.


Health Improvement – If you or a loved one is living with dry, cracked skin or lips, breathing problems or frequent bloody noses, the relative humidity in your home could be low. Whole house humidifiers have been shown to improve lung health and help alleviate asthma and allergy symptoms. Humid air can also help lessen the instances of illness. Some even claim less snoring. Moisture in the air can reduce dry noses and lips and potentially ward off cold-like symptoms.

Protect Your Home – Dry air can be damaging to many things in your home. Anything made from wood, such as flooring, cabinets, and furniture can crack and dry out due to low humidity levels. Over time, this can lead to expensive repair or replacement costs. Antiques and collectibles can also be damaged due to dry air. And static electricity can be an annoying effect of lack of humidity. A whole house humidifier can keep these issues at bay with consistent levels of moisture throughout your home.

Save Money – Think of a summer day, one that is dry (low-humidity) and one that is humid. Even at the same temperature, humid summer days always feel warmer. The same can be said for the relative humidity inside your home. When a house has optimal relative humidity, many find that they can turn their thermostat down. Spaces feel warmer with lower temperatures, saving big on monthly energy bills. This cost savings can pay for a home humidifier in very little time.

Whole House Humidifier

All these benefits make considering a whole house humidifier a great idea. Portable humidifiers can only provide humidity in small spaces and require daily maintenance and constant cleaning. Whole house humidifiers piggyback on your HVAC system and connect directly to your water lines. They work effortlessly to humidify your home, circulating through the HVAC airflow system. Moisture is distributed evenly to all living spaces. In addition, very little energy is required to run a home humidifier, and they require minimal maintenance.

Aprilaire, the original pioneers of the home humidifier, is still the leader in quality humidifiers. They introduced the world to the many benefits of adding a humidifier to an HVAC system in 1954 and are still the leader in the industry. Aprilaire humidifiers deliver 50% more humidity than their competitors.

Reduce dryness and provide consistent comfort in your home by calling Westerhouse Heating and Cooling for a home humidifier consultation and installation. You’ll be amazed at the difference it can provide to your comfort level. Call (785) 542-2707 or contact Westerhouse online today to feel better, save money and protect your valuables with an Aprilaire home humidifier.