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There are things you can do to keep your AC running smoothly all season long.

3 DIY AC Tips You Need to Know

There’s no denying it. It’s hot outside. During the peak heat of the summer season, your AC is working overtime to keep your house cool. If your air conditioner was an athlete, training for an event, summer would be like the Olympics. Yearly maintenance is essential to your AC unit. The better your system is maintained, the more efficiently it can run. The more efficient it can run, the longer its potential lifespan. The good news is that there are some things you can do yourself to help maintain your AC system.

AC Tip #1 – Change your Filters

There are things you can do to keep your AC running smoothly all season long.

Traditionally when we think of air conditioning, we think of the outdoor AC unit. The reality is that your entire HVAC system is working during the summer. Cool air is sent inside from the outside unit and travels through the filtration system and out through the ducts to every corner of your home. The filter you have in your inside unit, or your furnace, plays a big part in how well your AC can cool your house. A filter clogged up with dust and debris requires your HVAC system to work harder to push the air through. Your system could be straining to reach the cool temperature you programmed into your thermostat or has to stay on constantly to maintain it. This is not good for efficiency, monthly energy bills or the lifespan of your system. Check the user’s guide that came with your furnace. If you don’t have it, google the model number to determine how often it is recommended you change the filter. Typically most manufacturers recommend changing filters every 3 months. Homes with pets may benefit from changing them every 2 months. A good way to remember is to set a reoccurring reminder in your phone and to always have extra filters on hand.

AC Tip #2 – Break out the Hose

This may sound a little strange, but your outside AC might benefit from a good hose down. Take a good look at your AC unit. Is it dusty? That’s a good indication it needs a cleaning. First be sure to turn the power off to your unit. Then hose away all that dust on the outside as well as the blades of the fan. This will help your system run more efficiently.

AC Tip #3 – Trim those Branches

After you hose off your AC unit, check to make sure there is no bushes, branches or underbrush too close for comfort. A good rule of thumb is that nothing should be closer than 12 inches to your unit. Your outdoor AC unit needs to be able to efficiently draw in air from around all sides to work properly. Overgrown branches need to be trimmed.

Westerhouse Heating & Cooling – Your AC Experts

All of these AC tips are things the average homeowner can do themselves. There are, however, many maintenance techniques that require a trained HVAC technician. Having your HVAC maintained each spring and fall can ensure both inside and outside equipment are operating at maximum potential. Westerhouse is your local HVAC expert and is ready to take care of your systems so they can keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Call (785) 542-2707 or contact them online today to schedule an appointment.


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  1. Larry Weaver says:

    I appreciate the tip to hose down the AC unit to take care of dust. My own unit has been having issues and looking at it, I’m not sure of the last time it was dusted. Multiple things actually broke, so now I’m looking for new parts, specifically AC hoses, so I can get it fixed as soon as I can.

  2. Marcus says:

    It really helped when you mentioned how you should keep the area around your AC unit clear to have a good air circulation. I understand that taking the time to do some research can help you find the best way to keep your AC working properly. Personally, I would also want to read online reviews and ratings in order to find a reputable contractor who can help me take the best care of my cooling system so it lasts.

  3. Jaime says:

    Yes, I totally agree with what you said. I think that maintaining the cleanliness of the AC will help it to last longer. I’ve been using my AC for 6 years already. I think that proper usage and maintenance is needed to keep that AC for a long time. Thanks for sharing these article.

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