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Increase your indoor air quality significantly with the installation of an Air Scrubber Plus from Westerhouse Heating and Cooling.

Indoor Air Quality, Viruses and Your Home

The quality of the air inside your home is now even more important. We spend roughly one-third of our lives sleeping, let alone the time we are now spending in our homes. Home is where the heart is and where the most important people in your life are. Ensuring that the air they breathe and the surfaces they touch are clean is essential. The scary truth is that indoor air can be ten times worse than the air outdoors. This can worsen during colder months when homes are shut up tight to keep in the heat. So how can you get better air indoors?

Safer Indoor Air and Cleaner Surfaces

Cold and flu season is usually worse in the winter. These days, we are completely focused on escalating health concerns across the nation. And sadly, in years past, many people died from the flu; recently, these past few years, Coronavirus has been the challenge. How can you protect your family? Aggressively follow CDC Guidelines and state and local recommendations and consider Installing an air cleaner. Control all three phases of indoor air pollution with PREMIEROne. Combine UV germicidal air purifier with odor control and our Polaroid media air cleaner to solve all three faces of indoor air pollution. -Polarized Media Filter + Germicidal Air Purifier

Air CleanerGett better air indoors with products like air cleaners from your local heating and cooling company!

Increasing indoor air quality and protecting the surfaces of your home while eliminating bacteria, viruses, and cold and flu germs is an important step. The PREMIEROne is added to your existing HVAC ductwork and can be a great line of defense against bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants.

How does an Air Cleaner work?

The PremierOne UVC germicidal lamp is three times more powerful than the average competitor’s. It has a two-year lamp life, a lifetime warranty on electronics, and homeowner-adjustable odor control. PREMIEROne pure flow filtration products capture the smallest, most harmful pollutants other filters miss.

Polarized media air cleaner has 97% multiple pass efficiency at .3 microns. The HEPA whole house air cleaner has 99.997% efficiency at .3 microns, and it is a bypass system that fits all HVAC systems and does not restrict airflow.

Westerhouse can help your home with better air indoors.

Westerhouse Heating and Cooling, located in Eudora, Kansas, serves customer HVAC needs in Eudora, DeSoto, Johnson County, Lawrence, and surrounding areas. They can install an air cleaner in your home to help guard against contaminants, bacteria, viruses, and cold and flu bugs. Have more questions? Their friendly staff is ready to chat with you about concerns, answer questions, and give you a quote on installation. Giving your family the gift of health goes a long way. You’ll have peace of mind that your indoor air and the surfaces in your home are as safe as they can be for the ones you love. Call (785) 542-2707 or contact Westerhouse online to start protecting your home’s indoor air today.

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